internet connection in WM6 emulator

I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find SIMPLE instructions how to get the Windows Mobile 6 WM6 Emulator to get online!

Assuming you have the sdk installed and can get the phone emulator running:

1. Emulator menu:  File  – Configure  – Network  – Enable NE2000 and bind to Connected network card (or your device that is listed).

2. Phone menu: Start  – Settings  – Connections  – Proxy – Add new proxy.  Connects From WORK.  Connects To Internet.  Leave the rest BLANK!

Phone Settings then soft reset

3. Emulator menu: Reset — Soft.


Internet Explorer on WM6 Emulator

iPhone Metronome & Tuner webapp

Best Metronome & Tuner for iPhone screenshotI’ve created an easy to use Metronome & Tuner for iPhone.

The BEST Metronome has all standard and extended metronome tempos from 40 to 240 BPM! Just dial and press play!

A simple tuner with A440, B flat, 6 string Guitar and 4 / 5 string Bass pitches is included too! Now you have a metronome and tuner wherever you take your iPhone.

BEST Metronome & Tuner for iPhone